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Clan Creation Rules Empty Clan Creation Rules

Post  Dustfinger on Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:18 am

This is only if you would like your clan to participate in clan wars. If one of your characters is born of a clan that has nothing to do with clan wars then you don't need to get the clan approved.

1. Each clan may have a maximum of twelve members including the leader.

2. The clan may only have one s-rank ninja, two jonin, two chuunin, three genin, and four academy students.

3. Each rank will be placed in its own division in order to keep the battles even.

4. All members of the clan must be approved before being accepted into the clan.

5. The following will be required when creating a clan:

Clan Name:

Clan Leader:



Powers/Abilities: (if any)

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