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The Kisei Clan Empty The Kisei Clan

Post  J.A.E.L on Fri Oct 01, 2010 10:01 pm

Clan Name:Kisei

Clan Leader:Kenjiro Kisei



Powers/Abilities: The Kisei clan do not have a kekkei genkai in a normal sense. They are not born differently from any other Nin. Instead the few members with in it our hosts to parasites gained after birth. Slowly but surely the feed off their life force, draining them imperceptibly till they hit there 60 by which point the unable to sustain the hungry parasite and die broken and drained. However the parasites are not completely with out benefit, they unconsciously strengthen and improve their host to ensure their own survival leading to substantial physical enhancements. All members of the Kisei clan are 50% stronger then normal and have a supercharge nervous system allowing them to react 50% faster then normal nin. This also has the side effect of making their brains more efficient, capable of analysing information far more effectively then normal making them very skilled tactical fighters able to quickly react to any situation that might occur.

The parasite however is a draining creature, feeding predominantly on blood like giant leech and can cause considerable internal blood loss when a clan member is using his abilities in battle. He needs to replenish the blood by the consumption of one pint every 12 posts. Should he not do so the parasite will releases enzymes, making him lust for blood himself. This briefly makes him even stronger (100% stronger then normal) but he will also lose his ability to recognise friend from foe and will burn up a c rank worth of chakra every turn he remains in this blood lusted state as the parasite drains his chakra system instead of his blood to compensate. This state will end either when he runs out of chakra or drinks a pint of blood.


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