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Name: Sweeper Slashton

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Element: Water and Fire

Rank: Genin (At S-Rank chakra and technique level, but lacking the intelligence or maturity to be given higher rank)

Loyalties: Kirigakure

Appearance: Sweeper Slashton stands at five feet, nine inches. He has camel brown hair, trimmed to a buzz cut. He has a weak chin and soft, accepting sky blue eyes. His face is clean shaven, and his eyebrows are perfectly tweased. His physical appearance gives off the idea of hygiene, but the outfit he wears suggests otherwise. He wears an atypical outfit for a ninja, a simple red t-shirt and dark green cloth pants. He has a slender build, and size nine shoes.

Personality: Sweeper Slashton is a space cadet, but to the extent where it is no longer endearing. He only understands basic emotions (sorrow, fear, pain, joy, boredom) and struggles to connect peoples' actions to their emotions. His connection to reality is rather simplistic and he has almost no capability for abstract thought. He has the maturity of a pre-pubescant child and the tactical prowess of a genin, a tactically inept genin. He does not understand morality or ethics; any law he follows is due to coincidence. He enjoys fighting as the adrenaline rush is satisfying to him. Sweeper is easily amused and has a short attention span. In combat, Sweeper is able to focus on a singular target but still suffers from naivety. He is morally alligned to due evil (even though he does not understand the concepts of good or evil) and is sociopathic. He tends to speak in short sentences.

History: Sweeper Slashton has no memory of his early years, but this is how his prepubescant years go. He was an abandoned child taken into a small clan in Kirigakure. At age seven, they recognized that he had two chakra natures, and his "father" believed he would be a genius. Before he could be sent to a ninja academy for the refining of his raw abilities, he was kidnapped. He was held for ransom and his clan refused to pay. His captivity lasted for eight years; the fiends behind this malproper deed were killed in a housefire.

This was Sweeper's first battle. He used the only jutsu he had kept, the giant fireball technique, to trap them in the building he was held in for many years. A brighter mind would have caught the irony but Sweeper returned to his home to find himself unwanted.

With nowhere to go, and having entry-level ninjutsu (albeit high potential) Sweeper was unwanted. As the village reject, the only haven was the ninja academy. He was the laughing stock of the class; but that would change. He developed skills quickly enough, and graduated. He was placed on a squad with a talented jonin and two average-level genin. After several missions they had shown enough skill to go on a c-ranked mission.

This was a mistake. No one could foresee the task going so wrong. There job was to protect a weapons convoy from a ninja attack. The assassin wasn't a normal schmuck with a couple of kunai but a jonin rank rogue. The two genin were the first two go, swept up in a collosal ring of deadly flames. Sweeper evaded the attack but was unprepared for a counterattack. The jonin leaped into action, countering every blast of flame with an equal size burst of water. Sweeper scampered about searching for the proper weapon; which in his mind meant something visually impressive. Ten minutes into the fight he had found his tool; a large blade with a blunted tip. He rushed into the stalemate. His leader had a spark of hope, perhaps Sweeper could change the tides of this battle. He struck the assassin in the back of the skull, fracturing it and illiminating the exhausting rapscallion. However, the foe released one attack as this happened, a dragon of fire, which enveloped his leader. The team survived the mission, all one of them.

With his squad in ash form, Sweeper could not take the Chuunin exams and instead spent his time practicing sword play.

Abilities (Sweeper is considered a prodigy as he is a genin with two natures in use)

Shunshin no Jutsu/Body Flicker Technique (Mizu and Kiri variations)- A highspeed movement technique. The Mizu and Kiri variations of the Shunshin no Jutsu leave water and mist respectively in the user's wake. The speed is at a level which gives off the appearance of teleportation. Sweeper can only move in a strait line when using the technique. His main use for it is a quick rush toward the enemy. Jutsu rank- D
Kuro Ryuutai Kasei no Jutsu/Black Fluid Metamorphosis: The user transforms any fluids in his line of sight into oil. The amount of oil is the exact same as the amount of liquid before the transformation. The fluid's viscosity is also the same as before the change. However, any flames generated by this jutsu does not burn the user of the jutsu; it burns anything else. Any liquid evaporated by the black fluid is also placed into the metamorphosis prosess. Jutsu rank- B
Suiton: Kokuu no Jutsu/Water Release Black Rain Jutsu: The user creates oil vapors which condense into a cloud. The cloud's movement is under control of the user and can be placed over the head of the enemy. Once the user is ready, the cloud rains down flammable oils, covering the enemy or any spot the user has picked. Jutsu rank- (unsure)
Suiton: Suiryodan no Jutsu/ Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet: Water is pulled from the surrounding (or created from chakra) and shaped into a dragon. The attack does collision damage, similar to a tsunami. Jutsu rank-B
Suiton: Mizurappa/Water Release: Violent Water Wave: The user blasts water out of their mouth. The power behind this attack is dependent on the amount of chakra put into the technique. It is a basic form similiar to the fire breath attack. Jutsu level:C
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu: Water Clone Jutsu: The user creates a solid clone. It breaks on contact with an attack and releases a burst of water. This is a C-rank technique.
Mizu Ken Bakufuu no Jutsu/Water Blade Blast: A blade of water is generated by the user near their hand. The blade flies at the opponent, as if it were a slice of air. When on contact with the opponent, the flesh is cut and then the blade falls apart as if it were a raindrop hitting the ground. This allows for two strikes the first being a slash and the second a long range punch. B-rank jutsu.
Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu/Flame Release: Great Fireball technique: Chakra is swelled into an intense ball of flame. It is large in size and many genin are incapable of using this technique. C-rank technique.
Katon: Hibashiri/ Flame Release: Running Fire: The user materializes jets of flames which can be used as running flame rings on the ground or flying flame rings in the air. B-rank jutsu
Bakuretsu Hi Tama/Exploding Flame Shot: The User materializes a small amount of fire release chakra. This allows the user to throw many fire balls which explode on impact. The attack can also cause burning. C-rank technique
Katon: Goen Rasengan/Fire Release: Flame Rasengan: The user manifests their chakra into the shape of a ball, and spins it. From their they incorporate fire chakra into it, turning it into a spinning ball of flames. When this collides with the opponent the intense heat of it can turn the enemy into ash. S-rank technique.
Tora Kujiku Kire/Tiger Crush Chop: The sword of justice is held in Sweeper's right hand. he raises the blade over his head and slams it down toward the opponent's skull. The weight of the blade combined with the momentum from the crash means this strike can split the skull with the blunt tip, and chop through wood (not quite bone, however).
Shishi Reppuu/Lion Gale: The sword is swung horizontally. A full three sixty rotation is made before the strike, and if the strike misses a second rotation occurs and the blade comes around again. The weight of the tip allows the user to pick up momentum and turn this into an atomatizing bone chopping attack.
Tsuiraku kanadzuchi yari/Falling hammer spear: Sweeper jumps to a high altitude and thrusts the blunt point towards the opponent. The falling motion increases the power of the trust, allowing the opponent to be skewered by a blunt object. At last moment, Sweeper can snap the blade to chop his enemy.
Hisan Tora Kujiku Kire/Scattering Tiger Crush Chop: Sweeper combines the upward smash of the Tora Kujiku Kire with a flipping motion, allowing him to put his entire body's force (plus acceleration) behind the strike. This can chop through bone with ease and posibly shatter metal. The technique puts him at high risk as a strong strike will knock him down and he is in a position where he cannot stop until the strike ends.
Shindou Dageki Kizu/Shock Strike Cut: Sweeper drops to crouch and then thrusts the sword towards the opponent's chin (the underside). The stun from striking the nerve cluster allows Sweeper to follow up with a cut to the neck, finishing his opponent.
Ea Kizu Bakufuu/Air Cut Blast: Sweeper slashes (over head or horizontally) the air. The force of this attack chops the air and sends a blast of air toward the opponent, forming a razor out of wind. At point black Ea Kizu Bakufuu has the force to carry the opponent away on the blast of air.
"Combo" Techniques:
Goen Kizu Bakufuu/Flame Cut Blast: A technique similiar to the Ea Kizu Bakufuu, however this slash is a blast of fire (manifested through flame chakra). The flame can ignite oponents at long range, so traditional blocking is useless. It also heats the air in its path to the point where moving through its trail can cause third degree burns. Jutsu rank-B
Shunshin Yari or Kizu/Body Flicker Spear or Cut: Sweeper combines body flicker's increase in speed with a stab from the sword of justice to pierce the opponent. A line dash is the typical move, but it can also be a devestating overhead chop.
Goen Rasengan Yari Kyoten/Flame Rasengan Spear Point: The flame rasengan is centered on the tip of the sword. Using body flicker, he dashes at the opponent. On contact the flame rasengan pierces a hole through the opponent the size of the rasengan and ignites their body. While a healing jutsu could save the victim, fast acting is neccessary. The technique completely exhausts Sweeper at any point, and cannot be used twice within a day. Jutsu Rank-S

Tools/Weapons: A "Sword of Justice" a meter long blade (the blade itself) with a blunted end. Has a last rites carved into, however they are not understood by Sweeper.

Weaknesses: earth type jutsu. Succeptible to genjutsu due to naivety

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