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Post  Cheyla on Tue Oct 12, 2010 7:04 pm

Name:Keung Chiang




Rank:Foreigner, Assassin


Appearance: Keung is tall, looks Japanese from a distant. The only way someone can tell he's foreign is when he talks or is up close to them. He has blue-black shoulder length hair and green eyes. He is very stockily built (imagine a football player). He is left-handed.

Personality: Keung is very cautious about what he does. Usually when he does or say something, there's a hidden meaning behind it. He does whatever he can to stay alive and has no qualms about killing someone.

History: Keung was born and grew up in China. As an orphan, he was shunned because of his strange ways. He was exiled after he failed at a job and went to Japan. While he was in Japan, he met Furukizu. They traveled together for awhile, not trusting each other but somehow still falling in love. Keung and Furukizu had a run in with Keung's former companions and ended up fighting a deadly battle. Both of Keung's companions were killed in the battle but as one last attempt to win the fight, one of them sent a poison dart towards Furukizu. Keung saw it and took the dart for Furukizu. Furukizu tried to neutralize the poison but Keung was left in a coma.

Abilities: Keung has the ability to "hear" water. It's technically a bloodline trait but since he was an orphan, he doesn't know that it is. He can hear what has happened in the recent past in lakes and streams, and his ability is stronger where there is more water. From the rain he can hear every single movement that is made by anyone within the raincloud. Keung also claims that he can sometimes foretell the future from the rain. Keung has studied the theories behind chakra and jutsu and has made unsuccessful attempts to try and master them.

Tools/Weapons: His preferred weapons of choice are multiple small daggers he can hide anywhere and a bow and arrows. He prefers to attack on rainy days, using the rain to his advantage.

Weaknesses: Keung is weak to all elements and most jutsus, since he is unable to perform them. He is weakest against ninjutsu and the stronger genjutsus.

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