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Post  Shaunic on Mon Oct 11, 2010 10:21 pm

Name:Shaunic Higgins





Loyalties:the village hidden in the leafs

Appearance: a Medium sized 17-year old with blue jeans. he has a red jacket with a white shirt under it. and he wears red shoes

Personality: Funny. loyal. mad when messed with. he is a good friend to almost anyone and dot get no for an anser

When he was just a baby his father went out on a s-rank mission. Shaunics father promised he would come back
but he never did. Once Shaunic turned 10 he promised himself he would become hokage.

Acadamy days.
shaunic was a bad student and alwas failed tests and usally skipped clasess. But finnaly he passed. So he ran home to tell his mother.
But it turnes out shes sick and nonthing can help her. once she gets another diasess she wii die.

Shaunics first mission

shaunic finnaly got to do a mission but while he was out his mother got the flu. And she died. Also shaunic learned some new moves.

Shaunics mothers funeral.
shaunic stood by himself at the tombstone written "Haley Higgins." then he went on more missions until he became a Jounin.

Abilities:Shadow clone jutsu.


Weaknesses: fire

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