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Maiha Hamasaki Empty Maiha Hamasaki

Post  Cheyla on Mon Oct 11, 2010 9:33 pm

Name: Maiha Hamasaki


Age: 14



Loyalties: Village Hidden in the Sound

Appearance: Maiha has dark blue hair that she wears up in a bun, with bangs framing her face. She is of an average height. Her eyes are a pale amber. She wears black capris and a black crop top, along with arm guards. Inside her armguards she hides kunai and sometimes her rapiers.

Personality: Maiha will do whatever it takes to reach her goal to become ANBU. She is willing to work as hard as she can to finish a mission or to please her teachers. Whenever Maiha has a goal in mind, she focuses on nothing but that. She doesn't have many friends because most people can't deal with her dedication to reaching her goals.

History: Maiha has wanted to be a shinobi ever since she was little. While in the academy, she studied hard. When she became a gennin and was placed on a team, she absolutely hated her teammates but forced herself to work with them without complaining. She was one of the few to pass the Chuunin exams on her first try. Now as a chuunin, she is working to become a Jounin and then eventually, an ANBU.

Abilities: Maiha has no special abilites besides an exceptional talent in genjutsu.

Tools/Weapons: Twin thin rapiers, shuriken, kunai

Weaknesses: Is weak against lightning based jutsu. She is also very vulnerable to long range attacks.

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