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Name: Hankou Hakaihito
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Rank: High Chunin
Loyalties: The sound village

Appearance: Hankou has a variety of strange features about him, his set of sharp teeth, claw like fingernails, vibrant green, catlike eyes, black down turned bat like ears on the sides of his head, and his long flexible tail. The hair on his head and tail is a slivery grey color with an almost darker hue to it with tufts of fur over his cheekbones almost like eyebrows beneath his eyes mirroring above them. He wears his hair down and a bit messy parted to the sides pushed out of the eyes but framing his face. The bulky metal collar wrapped in seals he wears is a bit loose and heavy looking but not so much so that it cold potently fall off, he wears a pair of black fitting pants with a hole for his tail and frayed and tattered cuffs with bandaged feet and opened toed but closed toped ninja shoes, which are dark blue. He wears a black jacket with an upturned collar and ripped off sleeves worn open with bandages under it and a belt across his left shoulder holding a clip for his massive sword.

Personality: Hankou is, like many in his clan driven mostly by his animalistic predatory urges, he tends to be a man of acceptingly appetites in every way and is almost constantly brimming with energy that he rarely finds positive channels for, he is often straining at the traces and gets very animated on missions. Hankou is somewhat hotheaded and short tempered often getting outright enraged in battles despite enjoying them as an outlet for his natural destructive tendencies. He tends to get overconfident and rushes in to things with out careful consideration, séance to say he isn’t particularly bright and allows his instinct to override reason. His drives tend to make him dangerous to others as he has even gone as far as to maul his opponents and becomes very pent up if he is inactive for short periods. Hankou also seems to suffer from a shorter attention span. He regards his handler Kurotsuchi with a mixture of loyal respectful regard and outright resentment the former of which rarely shows itself in public.


Birth: Hankou was ‘bread’ with five brothers and sisters in a sound village facility as part of the fifth generation of the Hakaihito clan, after one short month he was imprinted with the Hakaihito paw print seal and fitted with a chakra suppression collar though at this stage he was merely a newborn he was already shown as the runt of his ‘litter’ being smaller than the others given the name Hankou in the kennel like facility of his birth as all Hakaihito were reared.

Early childhood and partnership: Hankou grew normally as a young child not being educated like a normal sound ninja would have been spending some of his time chasing and playing with his siblings and the rest on his own or with his mother, not knowing his father until after a few years one by one his siblings were chosen by the handlers, the stronger looking ones went first until Hankou was alone, though the others came to visit it was rare and Hankou became restless, he wanted to train and play like the others did if only to do something outside the kennel. Eventually the rejection from potential handlers began to diminish his sense of self worth things like “that one is to small, choosing him would be next to having none at all” and “look for a stronger one” began to give him his harsh temperament. Finally a recently trained medical ninja named Kurotsuchi came to them and chose Hankou at the age of twelve and was given control over Hankou’s seal.

Training: In addition to a few rather disturbing tests including painful exploratory surgeries Kurotsuchi subjected Hankou to some very intense training at first, pushing him past his physical limits of modifying his body to his liking Kurotsuchi showed little regard for Hankous feelings or well being at first but as he had finally been chosen Hankou did not seem to care about that.

Missions: Eventually Kurotsuchi began to go on missions with Hankou finding that the missions were the only real time he was allowed to let loose and chase things, despite this their first few missions were not successful. Everyone began to tell Kurotuschi that he had foolishly chosen wrong but he didn’t lose heart. In time a set of weapons were crafted for Hankou, rare as typically his clan fought with their claws fangs and tails. However as Hankou began to master his weapons they began to bring in their targets much more easily and finally Hankou began to feel his own self affirmation.


-Innate/latent abilities and features of the clan-


Physical abilities increase: Hakaihito possess a very immensely powerful physique, able to outperform normal humans in speed, strength, jump height and especially endurance being almost animal like in that respect their bodies more on par with the power of ninja beasts than humans, able to lift three times their weight, jump twice their height, run for hours with out stopping and outrun even deer on foot.

Eyes: The eyes of this clan do not possess any dugouts but are able to see exceptionally well in the dark and are in many ways naturally trained to hone in on very minute movements making them suited to battles perfectly, their eyes are also able to “zoom in” on things to a certain extent allowing the user to stalk things from a distance very easily

Sense of smell: the Hakaihito have a sense of smell as sharp as a ninja hound’s or perhaps even that of a shark, able to detect even faint smells at a very impressive range, especially the smell of blood which they can distinguish and trace to specific individuals being a variable bloodhound for tracking reasons

Ears: The clan’s ears are oddly shaped, bat like ears that hang on the sides of their heads pointed out and downward, these ears are both immensely sensitive as well as very tolerant of most frequencies of sound giving them a natural affinity for sound techniques able to head frequencies most humans cannot and tolerate pitches most humans cannot and able to learn echolocation with training

Fangs: The clan’s teeth can hardly be called as such, they possess a set of sharp, predatory teeth and fangs as their diet consists almost entirely of meat, these fangs, like their claws, can be extended and can be used in chakra flow

Claws: The fingernails of the clan are more like claws than anything else being sharp and extendable as well as used in chakra flow, these claws also make them exceptional climbers even when no foothold can be found

Tolerance for pain: The clan members possess a very strong threshold for physical pain to the extent that most battle induce wounds will only anger them and cause them to become stronger, consequently their adrenaline levels increase much more sharply when they are bleeding than a humans, around the level of a fighting dog

Tails: The impressive, almost unreal balance of the clan’s members is attributed to their long, prehensile tails, their balance is so great that they can literally stand on single fingers or toes as well as being able to wield and swing weapons that weigh more than themselves with out falling over and land in seemingly impossible ways with eradiated acrobatics

Saliva: as strange as it seems the saliva of clan members actually accelerates their healing when applied to their wounds like many animals, this is by no means instantaneous regeneration but allows cuts and scrapes to stop bleeding and heal twice as fast

Immune systems: The Hakaihito clans bodies almost never get sick, their bodies seem to fight illness and outside substances much more than a normal human, more poison is subsequently required to take them down for this reason, about twice the amount needed for a large sized ninja beast

Effect of solder pills: as opposed to the human effect solder pills cause the Hakaihito’s hair and skin to turn dark red and increases their physical power level and chakra flow exponentially (for ten posts) as with ninja beasts

-Clan Jutsu-


Name: Four legged body flicker skill
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Effect: by enveloping their whole bodies in chakra the user is able to dash at unparalleled speeds on all fours far outpacing that of human running or even the two legged body flicker technique allowing them to chase things at an unmatched speed for shorter distances in one direction at a time

Name: Claw and fang chakra flow
Type: Taijutsu-ninjutsu
Rank: C
Effect: The user floods their chakra to the claws of fangs the user is able to harden them to a near steel like level and extend their range and offensive power to that of blades, in the claws its range becomes very impressive at an accelerated speed almost like projectiles and in the fangs the offensive power is increased so dramatically that it can penetrate a metal plaits

Name: Irontail
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Effect: As the name implies this jutsu lets the user harden their tail with chakra to a near iron level in order to spin and strike an opponent hard enough to crack stones or break bones, typically coupled with slashes from the claws or a leap upward

Name: Tail cutter
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Effect: a jutsu in which the user performs irontail before making a cutting motion, usually a jumping summersault to strike at the target with their tail to cut it, this technique is able to cleave though logs

Name: Piercing fang
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Effect: The user spins at a ferocious speed and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. The damage it can inflict on a human target can be extremely damaging, as it can readily tear through thick tree branches and jutsu reinforced earth wall; all of which with a radius thicker than the user itself and is coupled with a jumping motion while they spin

Name: Claw cleaver
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Effect: by extending the range of their claws with chakra the user slashes with them sending out slash like projectiles from each claw that cut targets at a distance, this attack is considered particularly powerful

Name: Echolocation technique
Type: Taijusu
Rank: C
Effect: A technique that makes use of the user’s bat like ears as they are able to use the sound that bounces off their surroundings to navigate even if all other senses are impaired

Name: Chakra scent technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Effect: The user actually uses their chakra to convert traces of another chakra in to a distinct scent that is different for every individual and can be picked up in other scents form their body or masses of their chakra/the remains of jutsus used, they are also able to smell the elemental nature or the chakra as well as any special qualities such as bloodline limits while gauging the power of the subject by the strength of the chakra’s smell

Name: True form release
Type: Juinjutsu
Rank: A
Effect: Once the seal on their backs are released the user becomes their true self, this happens in two stages like a curse seal and has a variety of benefits associated with it;
-Partially released form: the “paw” on their back grows “claws” that extend around to the front of their bodies making black scar like marks on their shoulders, necks, arms and cheeks as well as the users skin becoming slightly tan looking and their eyes becoming a darker, more red like shade. In this form they enjoy an increase in physical ability, chakra flow, as well as newfound abilities, able to use chakra in their feet to “Push off” of the ground or air for bursts of speed and seem to have almost limitless physical stamina
-Fully released form: Hankou’s fully released form is somewhat wolf based, his hair grows much longer falling down his back like fur and the front of his face distorts in to a muzzle like maw with a more canine nose and more profound fangs, his feet stretch in to part of his legs and his toes become paw like and his tail gets much thicker and bushier appearing as an extension of the hair down his back, his ears have moved to the top of his head and become more wolf like as his eyes have also become rounded, his hands claws are much larger looking and black in color and his body has a darker tone to it with very dark blue hair. In this form the chakra released with the color off is visible and Hankou himself gains a variety of special moves.
-Fully released form jutsu;
>Tail extension (increases the length of his tail with chakra)
>Fur senbon (able to harden his individual hairs and project them off his tail like senbon)
>Rising wolf fang cutter (combining his piercing fang jutsu with cleaving claw jutsu becoming a spinning whirlwind of slashing blades that fly out in all directions)
>Tenrou battouga (meaning “Serious (the dog star) death strike” a combination of cleaving claw, tail cutter, iron tail and piercing fang in which Hankou uses piercing fang to get high in to the air and perform a somersaulting tail cutter with chakra giving off a cutting edge that is projected as in cleaving claw, the result is a devastatingly strong technique in which the user flies at the taget like a razor disk and cuts them by projecting a slash of chakra out in all directions at the right instant, this is Hankou’s strongest technique)

-Sound Based Nin/Kenjutsu-


Name: Vibrating sound drill
Type: Harmonics glove technique
Rank: C
Description: A Ninjutsu technique in which the ninja uses sound waves above one hundred and fifty megahertz to disorient an opponent by attacking their inner ear, causing dizziness and sometimes sickness of the stomach. In some cases, damage to the eardrum can occur, creating a long-lasting advantage in battle. The sound is produced by a multi-toned metallic plate worn across the ninja's forearm, which, when tapped, can produce devastating vibrations. The attacking ninja takes a swing at their opponent intending to be dodged. Once the plate is directed towards the opponent, it is tapped, producing sound waves that the ninja then manipulates with chakra, guiding it to the ear drum of their opponent. Because of its devastating potency, the range of the sound waves of this technique have a range of 5 feet.
Base effect: dizziness for two posts
After four uses in a thread: On top of the previous effect, the opponent suffers from sickness on the third post, not unlike a form of motion sickness
After six non consecutive uses: the victim is stunned for a post before hand and suffers all pervious effects

Name: Sound pulse breaking skill
Type: Harmonics glove jutsu
Rank: C
Description: Gathering the resonated sound from the glove to he fist the user extends a punching motion and sends the concentrated ball of sound out to hit a target and damage it as if it was blunt force, this technique is able to break wood and create very small cracks in stone but its true power is in it‘s speed.

Name: Resonance applause jutsu
Type: Harmonics glove jutsu
Rank: C
Description: The user resonates both gloves and claps their hands together sending out a wave of sound designed to break down oncoming attacks in a defensive technique. This does not typically destroy techniques but breaks them down to be decidedly less harmful working on solid or liquid attacks much easier than energy based ones.

Name: Sonic boom
Type: Harmonics glove technique
Rank: B
Description: Combining the sound pulse breaking skill and the resonance applause skill the user calls out a wave of sound that, while being slower than the pulse breaking jutsu is much more powerful and over a larger area

Name: Sure hit blade resonance
Type: Tuning blade jutsu
Rank: D
Description: The sound coming off the blade begins to break down the resistance of targets before the sword even touches them, combined with the sound wave condensation brought on by the moving blade and the Doppler effect and the size of the blade it makes simple cutting motions almost totally unblockable

Name: Sonic parry jutsu
Type: Tuning fork blade jutsu
Rank: C
Description: the sound waves from the blade are gathered to the point where an attack touches it to cause the molecules inside the attack to break down and destroy the oncoming offensive technique with ease as if an explosion of sound were to meet the attack as the blade blocked it

Name: Sound cutter
Type: Tuning fork blade jutsu
Rank: B
Description: The user discharges a wave of sound from the resonating blade that carries an immense cutting power from a slash that is fast enough to be followed by sonic booms, this technique is typically preformed while spinning or somersaulting in the air to gain extra speed

Name: Resonance up
Type: Tuning fork blade jutsu
Rank: C
Description: resonating the harmonics core to double the power of the swords attacks

Name: Break down zero point resonance
Type: Sound jutsu
Rank: C
Description: the user emit’s a sound frequency that breaks down crystalline structures such as the ice and crystal release before they can form as long as the resonance keeps up

Name: Concentrated blast
Type: Tuning fork blade jutsu
Rank: A
Description: the user slams their weapon down to create an extremely powerful explosion of sound to attack a large area


Name: Hankou’s Harmonics gauntlets and hidden chains
Hankou Hakaihito, Hidden sound Chunin Gauntl10
Hankou’s gauntlets run from his knuckles to his elbows, the forearms are covered in harmonics gloves that resonate large amounts of sound when struck and can be used in the bases of most sound jutsu, the lower elbow section of the gloves as well as part of the section under the harmonics cores contain chains with retractable spikes, the backs of the hands and knuckles have armored plaiting that is durable enough to block a sword strike and flexible enough to allow for claw attacks
Special abilities:
-the gloves generate very strong high frequency sound waves for use in jutsu when struck
-the chains can be retracted or drawn out as well as manipulated using chakra
Origin: A combination of the concealed chain gauntlets of the mist village with the harmonics glove, a specialty of this being sending the sound down the chain to extend the range of their attacks

Name: Hankou’s cleaver sword harmonic tuning blade
Hankou Hakaihito, Hidden sound Chunin Restor10
An oversized looking sword being over six feet long and three feet wide with a strait cleaving edge, the blade itself has a divide in it down the middle and functions like a giant bladed tuning fork amplified by a larger harmonics core in it’s hilt
Special abilities:
-Enhanced size, almost impossible to parry with normal weapons
-Resonance, the blade resonates sound frequencies that are amplified to extremely high levels when the core resonates with it making it a truly devastating weapon in the hand s of a sound ninja
-Enhanced cutting power, the sound resonating off the blade is so great that it causes the matter in targets to lose its resistance making it a nearly unstoppable offensive weapon
Origin: A modified cleaver sword that has been engineered for maximum destructive capability

Name: Chakra suppression collar
Description: The collar is a metal, solid one with a padlock dangling from it, the entire collar is wrapped in tags with very small chakra suppression seals,
Special abilities: the collar normally keeps the majority of the users chakra sealed away but causes it to build up over a period of time, this pent up chakra stays in the users system and slowly but surely pushes the limits of their chakra reserves. Because of this when the collar is removed a very large amount of chakra is released and the user will typically get out of hand, as such it is usually a rule not to remove it with a steep punishment but it can be used as a trump card when needed.
Origin: Placed on members of the Hakaihito clan to restrain them, a measure forced on them by their handlers

Name: Hakaihito clan seal
Description: A paw shaped seal on the users back just between the shoulder blades, this extends “claws” over the users entire body in the form of extending lines across the shoulders, arms, neck and cheeks in the user when half released.
Spechal Abilities: the seal is somewhere between an animal seal and a curse seal which contains the users true self, this is normally sealed off due to its dangerous nature, it to acts as a trump card but has a secondary effect as the handler is able to use the seal to put the Hakihito clan member in extensive pain when necessary
Origin: placed on all members of the Hakihito clan at birth to control them

Disadvantages of the bloodline limit;
-The use of the chakra suppression collars make using common elemental ninjutsu almost impossible while the collar is on meaning the Hakaihito must fight using their strength, weapons and non elemental jutsu to fight most of the time
-Its no secret that the Hakaihito are essentially trained beasts for the sound village to use, as such they have very limited real freedoms and are required to obey their handlers
-The Hakaihito tend not to be particularly bright
-Their predatory drives run most of their lives making them very socially stunted and dangerous to be around

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