Butou 'Kamakiri' Hasaki and Hanabira

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Butou 'Kamakiri' Hasaki and Hanabira Empty Butou 'Kamakiri' Hasaki and Hanabira

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Name: Butou Hasaki 'Kamakiri' | Hanabira

Gender: Male|Female

Age: 22|18

Element: Earth|Wind

Rank: Jounin

Loyalties: To his clan and the time village

Appearance: Butou is a tall and well built young-man. His body is very well muscled due to his preferred form of fighting. His eyes are a shining green with a lot of sparkle to them. His eyes are his most attractive feature, although Butou is not unattractive by any stretch of the imagination. He has a generally pleasant look about him. As for his clothing, he is typically found wearing casual jeans and shirt. | Hanabira is a devil's flower mantis. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2b/Idolomantis.diabolicum.1.jpg (This image is not mine)She stands about 6'. Although most identical to most devil's flower mantis, she has two major differences; her arms are bladed with metal which is also spiked and she has wings powerful enough to fly another human. She is also capable of talking. She and Butou can communicate in an almost telepathic manner so that no others can hear or understand them.

Personality: Butou is a relatively friendly guy. He has a tendency to be aggressive towards strangers and is very mistrusting. Even once his trust is gained, Butou is very cautious around those he considers friends. Despite his cautious and aggressive attitude, once you have truly befriended him he is the most loyal and supportive man you will ever meet. He does not tolerate nuisances very well and has a tendency to snap at people who cause trouble. | Hanabira is far more aggressive than her companion. She is ready to kill someone at the slightest offense. She isn't mean to others, but her past makes her very sensitive to strangers, even if they are kind. She only trusts Butuo. No one else has every truly earned her trust, not will she ever trust anyone. Her bond with Butou is very very strong to the point of inseparableness

History: Butou was born to the Hasaki clan. Normally a child is paired with a mantis after only being a year-old, but Butou was considered an outcast from the clan. He was not accepted into the clan, at least not until he met Hanabira. He was out in the forest one day when he was four; he spent most of his time alone due to being an outcast. Hanabira found him and intended to kill and eat him, but he managed to fight her off. Hanabira began to respect the young child and befriended him. Butou kept her hidden for six long years, until he had mastered working and understanding her. Then he showed her off to his clan. He immediately rose up in the ranks, although he still was not fully accepted. With several years of hard work, he proved himself as the best possible choice for the successor of the clan. Eventually the leader died and Butou replaced him.

Abilities: Butou has many combination jutsu with Hanabira. He is also trained in the martial of praying mantis style and is very skilled in it. He uses a two finger mantis hook. He is also rather skilled in the use of Earth jutsu.
Hanabira has a number of techniques exclusive to praying mantis, as well as the ability to use wind jutsu.

Tools/Weapons: Naginata. Kunai and Shuriken.

Weaknesses: Butou is weak to lightning. | Hanabira is weak to fire. (At least include which element he/she is weak too. Fire>Wind>Lightning>Earth>Water>Fire)

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