Hawleyite Falcon 'Hawk' and Leucite

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Hawleyite Falcon 'Hawk' and Leucite Empty Hawleyite Falcon 'Hawk' and Leucite

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Name: Hawleyite Falcon 'Hawk' and Leucite

Gender: Male | Male

Age: 23 | 23

Element: Wind and Fire | Wind

Rank: A | A

Loyalties: The village hidden in the Past and Diamond Tiger

Appearance: He's a rather tall reaching 6'1" with long silver hair only reaching his shoulders two strands are carefully braided and held together by wire which is usually used for fighting. His teeth are perfect white making his smile a site to see which most of the village does see to his rather nice personality. Even after the years of his family trying to get him into an arranged marriage he's denied them all saying he'd only marry one he truly love never for his family's convenience. The villagers often come to him if something goes wrong that isn't too bad he will go out of his way to help. The common clothes he wears are a dusky drown covered in bird feathers mostly around the arms and they vary in colors and sizes his pants are a pair of jeans and his shirt is long sleeved. Often the last thing people will notice is his eye color which is a bright yellow a long strap holds his sword to his back it is made of leather and is brown like his clothes. Most of the time he is seen without shoes he carries a pair around his right side but refuses to wear them out of battle. The only thing that he keeps hidden from other is a yellow colored rock made earring hanging on his right ear. | Leucite is a pure white falcon with deep blue eyes he is much bigger then most birds he is actually the size of horse meaning Hawleyite will ride his and they will fly to get places faster. Into battle that they have planned Leucite will be wearing iron claw reinforcements they will slow down his flying speed but increase his attack. Being much bigger then most if not all birds means he's not very agile.

Personality: Even being the leader of the Main branch of the Falcon Clan he is very caring and will often put others ahead of himself. If he isn't seen doing work he can often be found flying around the sky some say he's keeping an eye on the barrier but if you ask any female they'll say he's trying to find a soulmate as he can almost always be seen watching females of his age until they either look in his direction or someone else does in either case he will look away or fly away. He knows his way around charming females but when it comes to talking to guys he can often be a little short and will find it hard to talk to them other then Diamond. When times get tough he tries to pass it with a smile and tries to ward off what happened often it works too and if it doesn't he just walks away. What most people don't know is he knows how to play a Shiv which is a small woodwind instrument similar in sound to a flute his has no special capabilities he will play it in his free time and if you are close to him you may even hear it he is very skilled in it too.| Leucite tends to have trust issues often doubting those other then his partner which often ends bad because of it. Due to his long time spent with humans like most village animals he has learned to talk but still like to caw when angry or agitated. But if he does becomes trusting of you will see another side to him that of close to Hawleyite's personality but he can be more blunt then his partner. In the end he can be kind but will often hide this and considers this a sign of weakness.

History: He was born into the main branch of his clan and had many skills he needed to rise to power but when he didn't receive his Falcon around his 2nd birthday he began to wonder what was going on and he didn't receive one nor knew of a place where he could find one. Soon after his 5th birthday he received a Shiv his hand crafted one and went to play it in the woods. But while he was playing something interrupted him and what stood before him was a giant bird bigger then any he had seen a pure white bird it was injured in the wing and he brought it back to the village. When one of the older Falcon Clan members saw it he immediately became next in line only one of great power could become the partner to a Falcon that strong. Over the years he and Leucite formed a close bond and soon around age 7 he was flying threw the skies on his partners back something that had never been done since falcons were never that size.

Abilities: His has skill in wielding long blades and kunai he has ranging jutsu mostly based on long range he uses his blade in close range.

Tools/Weapons: A Nodachi have the same general appearance and design of a tachi though they are significantly longer. This one is Hawk's particular favorite it has his nickname engraved on the blade on the hilt is a hawk engraved into it with a rather short chain attached only a foot long. There is nothing special about this blade other then it being long and taking quite a bit of strength to wield properly.

Weaknesses: Water/Fire and he can often wear himself down too much when it comes to helping others which does not help in battles. He can easily be betrayed by a female if one ever got close enough to him. | Fire and excess amount of wind while flying will knock him out of the sky.

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