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Name: Mumali Ranyx
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Element: Lightning and Water
Rank: Genin
Loyalties: Cloud Village, but his sensei K above all.

Appearance: Ranyx is rather short, and has unkempt, longish black hair going down to his neck. He has gentle green eyes, and wears a blue t-shirt and blue pants, and white sneakers. He has white bandages wrapped around his palms and wrist. He doesn't wear the Cloud headband on his forehead: rather, it is placed on a white sash around his waist.

Personality: Ranyx is very kind and sincere, though he is easily capable of massive doses of sarcasm. Though he's kind, he also has an unfortunate tendency to ignore people who don't demand his attention at the moment. He is highly dependent on friendships, and if he lost all of them, it is almost certain to go insane. He also has at least one person he obsesses about at a time: at the moment, this would be his Sensei, K. It is manifested in his displays of hugging and squeezing that occur extremely frequently. Ranyx can be thrown into tantrums fairly easily, though it really depends on his mood. Grudges are also a horrible problem for him: he won't forgive easily.

History: Ranyx's opinions on being a ninja were mixed. He didn't like fighting, and would rather stay behind and heal with medical ninja. However the Mumali clan was fairly well known for its skill with Storm Release, but Ranyx would've rathered just sit out of the fighting. Unfortunately, his clan disagreed and had him enroll in the Cloud Village's Nija Academy. He exhibited fair skill with nonelemental techniques, but was poorly skilled with water and lighting. The only elemental technique form he could use with any proficiency was the Storm Release, which he used alarmingly well to destroy some bits and pieces of his surroundings by accident. He passed the test to become Genin by a hair, but desires to improve his control under the tutelage of... whoever is his Jonin leader.

Abilities: Has possession of Storm Release, and is more proficient in it than its component elements.

Name: Get the Point?
Rank: D
Element: Storm (Lightning+Water)
Description: Ranyx does the hand seals and then points at something, whereupon a Storm laser is fired from the finger in a straight line.

Name: Rejection
Rank: C
Element: Storm (Lightning+Water)
Description: Ranyx puts his palm up and faces it at an opponent, and a Storm blast about the diameter from the tip of his middle finger to his palm's base is formed and fired.

Name: Go Boom
Rank: C
Element: Storm (Lightning+Water)
Description: Ranyx follows the pattern of Get the Point?, but also sends Lightning chakra into the laser to superheat the laser and the area around it, causing explosions to race along the laser, culminating in one big explosion at the end of the laser.

Name: Clone Technique
Rank: E
Element: What element?
Description: Ranyx simply creates a dummy clone to serve a distraction.

Tools/Weapons: About 50 shuriken.

Weaknesses: Wind and Earth.


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