The Hakaihito clan, wild blood hunters of the hidden sound village

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The Hakaihito clan, wild blood hunters of the hidden sound village Empty The Hakaihito clan, wild blood hunters of the hidden sound village

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Clan Name: Hakaihito
Clan Leader: Unknown to date
Clan Symbol: The Hakaihito clan, wild blood hunters of the hidden sound village Wicca_triple_goddess_waxing_full_waning_symbol

Members: (member name, handler name)
-Hankou (Handler: Kurotsuchi Mogambi)

Goals: Track down and apprehend rare bloodline limit users for the sound’s research

Description: This clan is most unusual in the sense that they are actually under the direct control of their village, the sound and posses decidedly less freedom than other clans, being required to wear seals and chakra suppression collars and trained not in teams but individually under the care and control of an assigned sound nin handler who retains control over them, in addition to this the members of this clan are almost inhuman looking with their animal features and retain very strong animalistic drives, making a handler necessary and have an impressive range of innate abilities, secretly it is the dream of some of the members of this clan to be freed but most realize how dangerous they are and accept their constraints.

Physiology: The Hakaihito clan typically have hair in varying shades of grayscale from nearly black to nearly white with a full range of complexions and have slit shaped pupils and a brighter, almost unnaturally vibrant yellow green or blue shade in their eyes, sharper teeth and fingernails, bat like ears on the sides of their heads, other notable features of their bodies is that they can stand on their toes as easily as their full feat and on all fours with greater ease, they also possess long, prehensile tails and tufts of hair over their cheekbones in males, all members of this clan have a large, paw print shaped seal on the center of their backs between the shoulder blades which contains their more developed, animalistic true forms, they usually possess very lean but quite toned muscles and are generally thinner looking when in their sealed form

History: The Hakaihito were created fairly recently in the laboratories of the sound villages research and development medical division, bred and shaped in to the ultimate hunters and given a variety of predatory drives and features and above all, making them acceptingly strong, so strong that the first generation proved to dangerous to handle running wild and causing large scale damage and even killing a few valued researchers, as such the project was put on hold and special handlers were trained from the same division. These handlers used chakra suppression collars and specialized seals to contain the second generation and they were sent out to hunt down desired kekkei genkai for the sound. After a few generations passed the Hankahito and their handlers proved to be a very valuable asset to the sound and they continued to use them with out considering the ethical implications of basically enslaving the entire clan they had made, though rebellions were not unheard of the Hakaihito were ultimately made compliant when they came to know the extent of their lack of self control.

Clan equipment:

Name: Chakra suppression collar
Description: The collar is a metal, solid one with a padlock dangling from it, the entire collar is wrapped in tags with very small chakra suppression seals, the collar normally keeps the majority of the users chakra sealed away but causes it to build up over a period of time, this pent up chakra stays in the users system and slowly but surely pushes the limits of their chakra reserves. Because of this when the collar is removed a very large amount of chakra is released and the user will typically get out of hand, as such it is usually a rule not to remove it with a steep punishment but it can be used as a trump card when needed.

Name: Hakaihito clan seal
Description: A paw shaped seal on the users back just between the shoulder blades, this extends “claws” over the users entire body in the form of extending lines across the shoulders, arms, neck and cheeks in the user when half released.
Abilities: the seal is somewhere between an animal seal and a curse seal which contains the users true self, this is normally sealed off due to its dangerous nature, it to acts as a trump card but has a secondary effect as the handler is able to use the seal to put the Hakihito clan member in extensive pain when necessary


-Innate/latent abilities and features of the clan-

Physical abilities increase: Hakaihito possess a very immensely powerful physique, able to outperform normal humans in speed, strength, jump height and especially endurance being almost animal like in that respect their bodies more on par with the power of ninja beasts than humans, able to lift three times their weight, jump twice their height, run for hours with out stopping and outrun even deer on foot.

Eyes: The eyes of this clan do not possess any dugouts but are able to see exceptionally well in the dark and are in many ways naturally trained to hone in on very minute movements making them suited to battles perfectly, their eyes are also able to “zoom in” on things to a certain extent allowing the user to stalk things from a distance very easily

Sense of smell: the Hakaihito have a sense of smell as sharp as a ninja hound’s or perhaps even that of a shark, able to detect even faint smells at a very impressive range, especially the smell of blood which they can distinguish and trace to specific individuals being a variable bloodhound for tracking reasons

Ears: The clan’s ears are oddly shaped, bat like ears that hang on the sides of their heads pointed out and downward, these ears are both immensely sensitive as well as very tolerant of most frequencies of sound giving them a natural affinity for sound techniques able to head frequencies most humans cannot and tolerate pitches most humans cannot and able to learn echolocation with training

Fangs: The clan’s teeth can hardly be called as such, they possess a set of sharp, predatory teeth and fangs as their diet consists almost entirely of meat, these fangs, like their claws, can be extended and can be used in chakra flow

Claws: The fingernails of the clan are more like claws than anything else being sharp and extendable as well as used in chakra flow, these claws also make them exceptional climbers even when no foothold can be found

Tolerance for pain: The clan members possess a very strong threshold for physical pain to the extent that most battle induce wounds will only anger them and cause them to become stronger, consequently their adrenaline levels increase much more sharply when they are bleeding than a humans, around the level of a fighting dog

Tails: The impressive, almost unreal balance of the clan’s members is attributed to their long, prehensile tails, their balance is so great that they can literally stand on single fingers or toes as well as being able to wield and swing weapons that weigh more than themselves with out falling over and land in seemingly impossible ways with eradiated acrobatics

Saliva: as strange as it seems the saliva of clan members actually accelerates their healing when applied to their wounds like many animals, this is by no means instantaneous regeneration but allows cuts and scrapes to stop bleeding and heal twice as fast

Immune systems: The Hakaihito clans bodies almost never get sick, their bodies seem to fight illness and outside substances much more than a normal human, more poison is subsequently required to take them down for this reason, about twice the amount needed for a large sized ninja beast

Effect of solder pills: as opposed to the human effect solder pills cause the Hakaihito’s hair and skin to turn dark red and increases their physical power level and chakra flow exponentially (for ten posts) as with ninja beasts

-Clan Jutsu-

Name: Four legged body flicker skill
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Effect: by enveloping their whole bodies in chakra the user is able to dash at unparalleled speeds on all fours far outpacing that of human running or even the two legged body flicker technique allowing them to chase things at an unmatched speed for shorter distances in one direction at a time

Name: Claw and fang chakra flow
Type: Taijutsu-ninjutsu
Rank: C
Effect: The user floods their chakra to the claws of fangs the user is able to harden them to a near steel like level and extend their range and offensive power to that of blades, in the claws its range becomes very impressive at an accelerated speed almost like projectiles and in the fangs the offensive power is increased so dramatically that it can penetrate a metal plaits

Name: Irontail
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: D
Effect: As the name implies this jutsu lets the user harden their tail with chakra to a near iron level in order to spin and strike an opponent hard enough to crack stones or break bones, typically coupled with slashes from the claws or a leap upward

Name: Tail cutter
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: C
Effect: a jutsu in which the user performs irontail before making a cutting motion, usually a jumping summersault to strike at the target with their tail to cut it, this technique is able to cleave though logs

Name: Piercing fang
Type: Taijutsu
Rank: B
Effect: The user spins at a ferocious speed and delivers many powerful beast-like attacks when contact is made with the target. The damage it can inflict on a human target can be extremely damaging, as it can readily tear through thick tree branches and jutsu reinforced earth wall; all of which with a radius thicker than the user itself and is coupled with a jumping motion while they spin

Name: Claw cleaver
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Effect: by extending the range of their claws with chakra the user slashes with them sending out slash like projectiles from each claw that cut targets at a distance, this attack is considered particularly powerful

Name: Echolocation technique
Type: Taijusu
Rank: C
Effect: A technique that makes use of the user’s bat like ears as they are able to use the sound that bounces off their surroundings to navigate even if all other senses are impaired

Name: Chakra scent technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: B
Effect: The user actually uses their chakra to convert traces of another chakra in to a distinct scent that is different for every individual and can be picked up in other scents form their body or masses of their chakra/the remains of jutsus used, they are also able to smell the elemental nature or the chakra as well as any special qualities such as bloodline limits while gauging the power of the subject by the strength of the chakra’s smell

Name: True form release
Type: Juinjutsu
Rank: A
Effect: Once the seal on their backs are released the user becomes their true self, this happens in two stages like a curse seal and has a variety of benefits associated with it;
-Partially released form: the “paw” on their back grows “claws” that extend around to the front of their bodies making black scar like marks on their shoulders, necks, arms and cheeks as well as the users skin becoming slightly tan looking and their eyes becoming a darker, more red like shade. In this form they enjoy an increase in physical ability, chakra flow, as well as newfound abilities, able to use chakra in their feet to “Push off” of the ground or air for bursts of speed and seem to have almost limitless physical stamina
-Fully released form: this form varies for all individuals of this clan, some gain other animal features than others and some change their physical make up, all and all they “bulk up” and become much more animalistic looking and become even stronger now able to use their full chakra and physical potential, gaining unique abilities (specify details of true form in your character)
(disadvantage: the user is no longer able to control themselves, it is rare that a clan member gets past this but not impossible)

-Handler Jutsu-

Note on Handlers: a handler is given control over the clan member despite their human level intelligence and mostly human forms and train them as if they were pets, as such they are able to use bastmaster jutsu using the clan member as their ninja beast

Name: Mutual understanding jutsu
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Effect: a passive technique developed from having a connection with the clan member via their seal, this allows them to share information with each other from very far away and gain instantaneous knowledge from one another if the handler is focused mentally on the clan member

Name: Seal punishment jutsu
Type: Fuuninjusu
Rank: D
Effect: The user does a custom hand seal and puts the clan member in a large amount of pain to suppress their animalistic, predatory urges, though no damage is done it is a necessary technique to keep them in control, the pain is beyond physical and effects the clan members whole body

Name: Partner summoning
Type: Ninjusu
Rank: B
Effect: A powerful jutsu in which the handler does a few hand seals and places some of their blood on to a surface calling their partner from where ever they are to that spot, this is typically used to restrain them but can also be used to pull them from deadly situations very quickly

Name: Ultrasonic signal jutsu
Type: Ninjustu
Rank: D
Effect: The user takes their chakra and uses it to increase the frequency of their voices to a level that only the clan member can hear for various uses

Name: Chakra feeding amplifier jutsu
Type: Ninjustu
Rank: B
Effect: the user floods their chakra in to the user to increase their physical attributes and stamina, this is also used as a reward as it feels quite pleasant and nurturing for the clan member

Disadvantages of the bloodline limit:
-The use of the chakra suppression collars make using common elemental ninjutsu almost impossible while the collar is on meaning the Hakaihito must fight using their strength, weapons and non elemental jutsu to fight most of the time
-Its no secret that the Hakaihito are essentially trained beasts for the sound village to use, as such they have very limited real freedoms and are required to obey their handlers
-The Hakaihito tend not to be particularly bright
-Their predatory drives run most of their lives making them very socially stunted and dangerous to be around

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