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Enemy Rising (Current Plot) Empty Enemy Rising (Current Plot)

Post  Dustfinger on Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:41 pm

At a young age, Diamond Tiger was appointed as the new hokage of the Village Hidden in the Past. He replaced his father, Levyne, who died protecting the village from the a great evil, and has been the leader for nearly 1000 years. This great evil was far scarier than a child's worst nightmare; a Dark Phoenix that had once been one of the villagers, but he used a forbidden jutsu, taking his humility in exchange for unimaginable power.

The Dark Phoenix began to kill members of his own clan; taking their chakra to add to his own. Fortunately for the villagers, Levyne was able to fight the great Dark Phoenix into a room located deep beneath the village. The room had once been used for village ceremonies. Levyne had successfully saved his village, but a great price was payed; his life was forfeit. Diamond managed to seal the Dark Phoenix inside this room. The other hidden villages soon found out about these events and they began to fear the Village Hidden in the Past. Their plan was destroy the village in order to keep their villages safe, but Diamond was able to convince them to seal off the Village Hidden in the Past for 1000 years. Reports of a dangerous villager, named Zaratite, began to come from outside the village. Soon Zaratite broke into the sealed room and attempted to release the Dark Pheonix, his attempt was unsuccessful and he was left with a burn from the phoenix. The scar from this burn was passed down through the first born of each generation. Just before the village was completely sealed, Zaratite and any of his decedents were banned from the village. The sealing was successful, but a few villagers died in the process.

An organization of ninja, known as the Toukeru, are very interested in the Dark Phoenix. They wish to set the demon free and harness its power by sealing a person into it. This organization was established by a man named Shimayto Desu. He comes from the Vilage Hidden in the Rocks. He also possesses a bloodline limit named Denkou Metsuki(Lightning Eyes) which allows to make lightning appear our of anything he sees. The Toukeru's ultimate goal is put the world into a massive war and take control of what is left.

(Credit goes to Gannis for suggesting this brilliant idea.)

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