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Post  Wolf on Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:13 pm

Wolf wrote:Phoenix Ketsueki 1169751202_U_by_Levii

Name: Phoenix Ketsueki

Gender: Female

Age: 15 and a half

Element: Water/Fire

Rank: Chuunin

Loyalties: Is a Hidden Rain ninja, but only follows their kage's orders on the orders of their clan's leader, who is her father. Clan is called the Ketsueki (Blood) Clan.

Personality: Phoenix is a smart girl, almost knowing what attacks she should do. She looks to travel a lot. Doesn't have much friends because she often times scares people with her abilities. is often hidden away when she isn't training or on missions because of her illness, but she sneaks out of the house a lot. She can be sweet once you get to know her.

History: She is a hemophilia, so she doesn't like to cut her self much to use her blood line. There isn't much to say about her past, there is nothing much to tell about her past really. Her clan isn't completely loyal to their village, and will do work for almost any one if the price is right. On missions and at training, as well as alone, she is always supervised by her father, or some one hired by her father.

Abilities: She is in the direct line of the Ketsueki Clan, thus, having full access to her clan's common blood line. She can use her own blood to create different harmful weapons, even poison.

Tools/Weapons: Her own blood which she keeps in a small container (the black and red one). A katana which is on her back, and two summoning scrolls. Has a few kunia and shurken.

Summoning Scroll One: The Blood Phoenix

The Blood Phoenix, named Chi, requires a lot of blood to be summoned. Unlike in tales, Chi's tears does not heal wounds like Phoenixes are said to do. She is only used if Phoenix needs to change the tide to her side for winning. When summoned Chi is often found in a cage of a metal like blood (made out of the blood used to summon) which is used as weapons ether by Chi or Phoenix. Is fast in the air, and some times slow on the ground. Can change her size. Body is completely made up of blood.

Summoning Scroll Two: The Healing Blood Wolf

The Healing Blood Wolf, named Chishio, requires little blood, often times no blood. Chishio, unlike Chi, is not used in fights. Like the name, The Healing Blood Wolf, he is only summoned to heal when healing is need to be done, or there to watch over Phoenix when she finally looses her supervisor. There are some times Chishio is found fighting, although is attacks aren't powerful, his speed is his one of his strongest strengths. Like Chi, his body is made up of blood, some times it is just made up of water.

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Post  Wolf on Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:16 pm

Ketsueki Clan's Phoenix's Jutsus


(Approved) Blood Shield: The user's blood moves in front of the user and hardens, creating a shield. The hand 'seals' indicates the position of where the shield will be at. (to be approved)
Rank: C-rank

(slightly approve i think. Amaya used this before) Blood Dome: A dome of blood surrounds the user, or indicated area. Despite the simple move, it takes time to master. A beginner user of this jutsu will leave a small, almost invisible, string of blood connected to the dome. The string will keep getting smaller and smaller, and the dome stronger and stronger on its own with out a bigger connection to more blood. A master of this jutsu is able to use the jutsu with no blood string connection to it. Phoenix has a very small blood string connected to her and the dome, she has almost mastered it.
Rank: C-rank


All the clan's jutsu uses their blood. Blood and chakra is mixed in, allowing the user to move the blood. How much chakra is used in the blood depends on the jutsu, and how much blood is being used.

The ranking of each jutsu (for the clan at least, dunno if others will agree with this system) is as followed. Healing Jutsus are required to be learned by Academy Students (E-rank ninja); Defense jutsus are required to learn at genin level (D-rank ninja); Offense jutsu required at chūnin level (c-rank nin); Weapon jutsu at chūnin level or jōnin level (b-rank); Any advanced jutsus are A-rank or higher, is often times hard to determine what is A-rank or higher. <-- (to be changed into some thing similar sorta...

Still Updating

Clan Jutsu's moved to clan area

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