Emrald Dragon's and Jade's Devolpment

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Emrald Dragon's and Jade's Devolpment Empty Emrald Dragon's and Jade's Devolpment

Post  Hawky on Mon Sep 20, 2010 8:11 pm

Name:Emrald Dragon (His name is meant to be misspelled) and Jade his Dragon
Gender: Male and Male
Age: 16 and Unknown
Rank: Chunin (Or would be)
Loyalties: Previously of Leaf Village and Sound until he left Rouge and Rouge
Appearance: A average height 5'9" young male with brown hair and odd emerald green eyes. During cold days he wears a tan jacket but never into battle. Under the jacket he wears a long sleeved white shirt his pants are a green blue jean like pants.| While Jade is a small but cunning green dragon his wings are almost as big as his body but he is still able to fly around the spikes running from his head to tail are mostly small and his tail is arrow shaped at the end.
Personality: He's almost always active but because of that sometimes he doesn't get enough sleep and will have trouble thinking straight after. Often finding battles to be a long waste of time will get him nipped by Jade as he thinks Emrald should train harder and shouldn't have left the village in the first place. Anything that any one does that he can't gets him excited and often will ask questions about how they did it and stuff even if he could never learn it just out of curiosity. | Jade is acts very serious and looks out for Emrald sometimes almost seeming like a father figure to him. But in actuality he is almost exactly like Emrald just a tad less lazy when it comes to stuff. He's very friendly but his temper gets the better of him sometimes and often acts before he thinks.
History: He was born into a family of ninja they weren't near the best but they still could do there job good enough for his father to get Jounin and his mother to get Chunin. One day when he was out of the village even against his fathers wishes at the age of 10 he found what looked to be an odd injured green scaled animal. Trying to treat it's wounds he was attacked by ninjas from the Village of Sound and was taken there and was held as a war prisoner for not letting go of the creature. Spending much time there he grew a deep rooted fear of snakes and finally on his 16th birthday he escaped vowing never to be taken back there. | Most of Jade's past is unknown to even Emrald but when he does talk about it he remembers being in a village with others of his own kind but at a very young age then was taken away one day. Most of his memory is lost to time or he's forgotten it after being used in experiments in the Sound village he never wish's to remember nor will.
Abilities: Most of his jutsu are taught to him by Jade and are fire based. He also possesses little ability in wielding a light sword was taught to him from his father but he still has much to learn from it.
Weakness: He is deathly afraid of snakes or anything like them he will immediately lock up at the sight of them his lack of experience is also a weakness as he tends to be lazy and doesn't train much. | Jade unlike Emrald isn't afraid of snakes but his small size can easily be taken advantage of and the fact he needs Emrald's assistance to preform any complicated jutsu.
Tools/Weapons: A sword passed down from his father the sword is Named Doragon a light but well built rapier made out of silver with a green hand guard and green colored chain hanging from it.

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