The Village Sealed in the Past

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The Village Sealed in the Past Empty The Village Sealed in the Past

Post  Hawky on Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:54 pm

Use of this plot would be to introduce a evil force of ninja's a new village that you can make character’s in and an interesting plot line with twists.

They never went with the other villages always preferring to have their ninja's make partners with animals almost all of them could talk they had their own ways of doing things and never went along with the ways of villages. Due to this eventually a war broke out and the very large village was almost lost until a young leader emerged at just the young age of 18 he came with an agreement that their village would be sealed off for 1000 years no villagers would age until in was unsealed and none would leave either and when it was reopened and the seal was removed they would talk again in a new time. After 999 3/4th years the seal is now waning some of the animals have been let out to find those whom would be interested in traveling to this village and see what has not be seen in generations. They are all sent to villages across the lands delivering letters all saying the same things along with a map.

To the reader,

You are invited to the grand reopening of The Village Sealed in the Past. All those who attend will be rewarded greatly. We hope to see you there!

As far as our location, you will have to use this to find us:

We are equally distanced from all the other villages. Strange animals walk the area nearby us.

Not all who received this were what most consider 'good' a rouge group of ninja's many didn't know have also received this their name is Toukeru. None of it's members mean any good to those around them but they have managed to lay low using their skills as for hire ninja until this fateful day came.

The sealed away clans that reside here are just below

Tiger – As their clan name states they make Animal partners with Tigers at birth
Dragon – They are given a dragon age on their 1st to 3rd birthday.
Wolf – Wolves are there trusted companions and they are raised together since birth often considered to be the closest with their partners.
Lion – Lions are their choice of partners raised since birth like the wolves they consider them their rivals.
Angel – A ball of light varying in different colors often called a faerie is found after their 10th birthday no one is quite sure where they come from though.
Falcon – Falcons are their companions a small chick at first found at age 2 but raised right they are a great companion and are very trusting of their partners.
Griffon – Griffon's are very untrusting of there partners until they become older and learn to trust they are found soon after their 3rd birthday.
Panther – Their partners are stealthy and often dark colored Panthers they almost instantly trust their partners but will often test their skills in tests. Panthers are given to them around there 1st to 2nd birthday.
Phoenix – Phoenix chicks grow very fast and are only found on their 9th birthday they are very cunning and often get into trouble.

When the clans cross breed they can end with different clans all together but never go past 2 different clans together or they go back to one of the original. A new clan is Draolf a child born between the Dragon and Wolf clan which is very rare the animal will also be a mix but their partner can be in many different ways but still have to be related to both. They can have a merge of both clans abilities but that means they can also have more disadvantages too. So most of the Clan's refrain from marrying outside it but it still happens when it does none are shunned but they still aren't very like among certain villagers.

If the animal partner dies the ninja can seek out a new partner some aren't found for many years after other can be found right away they are different from the first one not being a reincarnation of the first unless they are a phoenix but if they are a phoenix then they will be a baby again while for any other clan the age of their new partner can be any. Animals form this village will not die of old age unless their ninja perishes they will age very fast until it catches up to them and they will disappear.

Before a child's name is decided they are brought to a room deep below the village there the entire place is filled with gems and rocks all different from each other. A few days after the child is born it is brought down to this room and the gem or rock that glows shall be it's name if all of them glow at once then they are in line to be important to this village. Later in life if the village member wishes to change there name they can.

The gem room is also used to detect weather on rare occasions and dangers to the village for the danger it will light up red. There is one room past this one but it is sealed and no villager even the hokage has seen what lays inside. It is rumored that something is down deeper under the village but no one is sure what ever may be down there has made no noise has never eaten and is still.

More will be added soon

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