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On the screen of his imagination he saw himself Coach Handbags and this sweet and beautiful girl, facing each other and conversing in good English, in a room of books and paintings and tone and culture, and all illuminated by a bright light of steadfast brilliance; while ranged about and fading away to the remote edges of the screen were antithetical scenes, each scene a picture, and he the onlooker, free to look at will upon what he wished.You must get a thorough education," was the answer, "whether or not you ultimately become a writer.
The eight months had been well spent, and, in addition to what he had learned of right speaking and high thinking, he had learned much of himself.It was all visualized in his mind as a concrete thing which he could take up in his two hands and turn around and about and examine.He did not know Coach Bags how long an article he should write, but he counted the words in a double-page article in the Sunday supplement of the SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER, and guided himself by that.The product was always the same, one hundred dollars, and he decided that that was better than seafaring.
In the meantime he was occupied by another idea, which he prided himself upon as being a particularly sane, careful, and modest idea. He would write an adventure story for boys and sell it to THE YOUTH'S COMPANION.On second thought he concluded that he had been wrong about the speed with which things found their way into newspaper columns.He often read or re-read a chapter at a time, during such pauses; and he consoled himself that while he was not writing the great things he felt to be in him, he was learning composition, at any rate,Gucci Bags and training himself to shape up and express his thoughts.


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