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I was struck, on entering the drawing-room,silver necklace by the curious contrast, rather in material than in colour, of the dresses which they now wore.On the side of the instrument farthest from the terrace Miss Halcombe was sitting with the letters scattered on her lap, and with one in her hand selected from them, and held close to the candle.At that time Mr and Mrs Fairlie, and my half-sister Laura, had been living for years in this house; and I was away from them completing my education at a school in Paris.Besides, this time I have something really interesting to tell you about a new scholar.
Once more Miss Fairlie's figure, bright and soft in its snowy muslin dress -- her face prettily framed by the white folds of the handkerchief which she had tied under her chin -- passed by us in the moonlight.All my attention was concentrated on the white gleam of Miss Fairlie's muslin dress.And now, my love, Coach Bags seeing that I am at the end of my paper, now for the real reason, the surprising reason, for my fondness for little Anne Catherick.Mr Hartright is petitioning for some more music, and he wants it, this time, of the lightest and liveliest kind.It is so with us all. Our words are giants when they do us an injury, and dwarfs when they do us a service.
I can laugh at it as bitterly as the hardest man who tosses it from him in contempt.It had been my profession, for years past, to be in this close contact with young girls of all ages, and of all orders of beauty.The delicious monotony of life in our calm seclusion flowed on with me, like a smooth stream with a swimmer who glides down the current.A week elapsed, leaving us all three still in this position of secret constraint towards one another.It was on a Thursday in the week, and nearly at the end of the third month of my sojourn in Cumberland. Miss Halcombe, after once or twice hesitating and checking herself,Tiffany Rings in a most uncharacteristic manner, spoke at last.


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