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Post  ray on Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:21 pm

Name: Pansaa (panther) Akumu (nightmare) | Tadewi (wind in omaha)

Gender: Female | Female

Age: 25 | 24

Element: Wind | Wind

Rank: A and leader of the Panther Clan | A

Loyalties: To the Village Sealed in the Past, her clan. | To Panssa, her clan, and the village.

Appearance: |

Personality: Panssa rarely talks. She is protective of the village and her clan. She trys to show no emotion, but she can be kind. The leader is dedicated to serving her clan and the village as a protector. Likes the dark and is often more active at night.| Tadewi appears lazy, but like Panssa, she is more active at night. Most people haven't seen Tadewi testing Panssa (due to the fact its at night she does it). In some battles, she'll "abandon" Panssa to fight on her own. This is only a test to see if she can handle things her self.

History: Panssa's father, as the leader, had stepped down, and being that there is know male (as it is tradition in the family), Panssa went from body gaurd, to leader. She still has her body guard instinct, so she often times attached her self to the kage of their village to make sure he is safe (she also does this with the other leaders). Tadewi had been with Panssa since she was one year old.


Kage ni kakureta: Hidden in the Shadows: While this jutsu is activated, the user is able to be invisible, although they have to remain in contact of a shadowed area to stay invisible. Often times when jumping between non-shadowed areas and shadowed areas, the opponent will be able to catch a glimpse, if they look hard enough. Must be reactivated with in 10 posts. User can not attack while in hidden by the shadows.

Tools/Weapons: Black gloves with sharp metal tips at the end, giving it a cat like appearance to them. Some times carries a wipe with her, but its rare that she uses them. | Tadewi does not need any thing else but her own natural ways: claws and teeth.

Weaknesses: Fire | Fire

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